Thinking about changing your iTunes and App Store country? Here"s what you need to know before you go ahead & do that.

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We might live in an interconnected world, but international laws & policies can't always keep up with our jet-setting ways. You'll discover this first-hand if you ever try khổng lồ change your iTunes or app Store trương mục from one country khổng lồ another.

Although it is possible to switch your iTunes or phầm mềm Store country—which we'll show you how to bởi vì below—doing so comes with a fair amount of drawbacks, like losing access to all your previous purchases. Here's everything you need lớn know about this process.

The Problem With Changing Your iTunes or app Store Country


Each country accesses a different version of iTunes or the app Store. Sometimes these stores have different apps, music, movies, và other media available in them. But even if two stores have exactly the same content, you can only access your purchased media from the store you bought it from.

That means you chiến bại access to all your existing iTunes và App Store purchases when you change your táo apple ID khổng lồ a different country.

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Anything already on your device is still available lớn use, và apps you've already downloaded still get the latest updates. But you'll need lớn change the phầm mềm Store & iTunes settings back lớn your original country again if you want to access purchases that you hadn't already downloaded.

The biggest issue is that you need a valid payment method for whichever country you want to lớn change iTunes & the ứng dụng Store to. You can't use an Australian credit card in the US ứng dụng Store, for example.

So if you moved from australia to the US, you'd need khổng lồ get an American credit card to change to lớn the US phầm mềm Store. Then, if you ever wanted to access your Australian purchases again, you'd need khổng lồ use an Australian card to change back. This might be impossible to do if you moved lớn America permanently và your Australian payment details have expired.


Instead of changing the country or region for your existing iTunes and App Store account, sometimes it's beneficial khổng lồ create a second táo bị cắn dở ID khổng lồ use instead. With two separate accounts—one for nước australia and one for the US, for example—you can switch between them at any time without needing to update your payment information.

All you would need to vày is sign out of iTunes & the phầm mềm Store on your device, then sign in again using the second account. After doing so, you get instant access to all the iTunes và App Store content from that country, including your previous purchases.

It's possible to lớn create a new apple ID trương mục without attaching any payment information lớn it, allowing you to lớn download không tính phí media from iTunes or the phầm mềm Store in any country. If you want to lớn buy something from another country, you can either địa chỉ a payment method from that country or purchase a foreign gift thẻ to use with that account.