DUG Insight User ManualDUG Insight DUG Insight User Manual Insight & KingdomDownloading and Installing SQL vps Management Studio Express

If you have a manual project, or your database is not auto-attaching, try Manually Attaching Kingdom SQL Database.

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To vị that, you will need khổng lồ Download and Install Microsoft SQL server Management Studio Express.

Note: SQL hệ thống Express has backward compatibility issues. Kingdom over the past few years have updated their version of SQL server Express. Once a Kingdom database has been opened in a more recent version of Kingdom the database is no longer compatible with older versions of SQL server Express. This can be resolved by upgrading your SQL version to SQL hệ thống Express 2014. If returning the original Kingdom project lớn your customer, make a copy of the Kingdom project before connecting lớn DUG-Insight. If you"re unsure please contact support

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Guide lớn Kingdom và SQL versions:

Kingdom 2018 requires SQL server Express 2014Kingdom năm 2016 requires SQL vps Express 2008 R2 or SQL vps Express 2012Kingdom 2015 requires SQL server Express 2008 R2

From your desktop, mở cửa your preferred browser. Click Download SQL server Management Studio (SSMS) and the download should automatically start.
Right-click on the .exe file that you have downloaded from the website & select Run as administrator.Click Yes if the User tài khoản Control window appears.

Type or Change the directory location to extract the installation files.Click Install & the files will be copied lớn the selected folder.


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