How Accurate Is Instagram'S “How Old Do I Look” Filter?

From the second we are born, we begin to lớn age.

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We all age differently but we all want lớn look young forever. Some people may be young but look old. Others may look young but be old. It’s all genetics… and skin products. Has anyone ever told you that you look younger or older than you really are? Now is your chance to lớn see how old you really look! There is an Instagram filter that tells you how old you look. It is called the How Old vì I Look Instagram Filter!

This filter uses the latest in face scanning giải pháp công nghệ to determine exactly how old you really look… Just kidding. This filter puts a small frame around your face then adds a number to your forehead that represents how old you look. Don’t worry, the numbers are not accurate at all. The filter just chooses a random age every time you use it. Despite the fact that there is nothing real about this filter, it is a lot of fun lớn use. Give it a try with your friends for a good laugh and post it on your story!

How lớn Get The How Old vì chưng I Look Filter on Instagram!


If you want to get the How Old do I Look Filter you will have khổng lồ make your way over to Instagram. Although you will find videos using this filter on TikTok & Snapchat, this filter is only available to lớn use on Instagram.

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You will have to địa chỉ the filter to your Instagram app manually to lớn get it. Here are some step by step instructions on how to get the How Old vì chưng I Look Filter on Instagram!

The first thing you need to vày is go lớn the creator’s Instagram profile. Just search for the Instagram username: ferdaysss.Once you find their profile, tap on the smiley face icon just above their Instagram posts. This will bring up all the filters they have created. Now look for the How Old vị I Look filter và tap it. It should be labeled “how old bởi vì i look?”When you tap on the filter you will be presented with a preview of the filter applied to the face of one of the developers. On this screen, tap the save effect button in the lower right hand corner. This button is circled in red in the image below!

Once you save the effect you will be able lớn use the filter whenever you want to see how old you look! lớn use the filter, just open up your instagram app, select the how old vị i look filter, and start recording!

How lớn Get The How Old bởi vì I Look Filter on TikTok!

If you are lượt thích me, you have probably seen people post the How Old vì chưng I Look filter on TikTok. When I saw this I immediately went lớn the TikTok filter menu to see if the filter was there. It wasn’t. This was disappointing. I was curious how to lớn get the How Old vày I Look filter on TikTok. Unfortunately the filter is not available directly on TikTok. If you want lớn use the How Old vị I Look filter on TikTok you will have to record the đoạn clip using Instagram, then post it on TikTok!

Comment below & share how old you looked when you used the How Old vì chưng I Look filter!