Fix: your account has been disabled in the app store and

If táo thinks your trương mục was hacked it will suspend it - even if it was you who got the password wrong. Here's how to unlock your hãng apple ID if you can't sign in.

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How lớn unlock your táo ID

Whatever the reason for táo apple disabling your account, it is possible to lớn get back in again. You will need lớn enter the trusted phone number associated with your hãng apple ID. Alternative methods involve using a recovery key or an tài khoản recovery contact. (An account recovery tương tác needs lớn be set up in advance, but they will be able khổng lồ verify your identity and help you regain if you ever get locked out – its a good idea to set this up for your next of kin. )

You should just need to lớn follow these steps to recover your account & create a new password.

Enter your táo bị cắn ID – usually the e-mail address associated with your táo account.You may be asked lớn confirm the phone number associated with your account.You will then get Reset Password notifications on your devices (we received one on our Mac và iPhone). Click Show on a Mac, or just tap on the notification on the iPhone.
On the Mac you will be taken lớn System Preferences – click on Reset.On the iPhone you’ll see “Use this phone khổng lồ reset password” – click on Allow.If you are using an iPhone you will need to lớn confirm your trusted phone number (which may or may not be the one associated with that device). Once you have done this you will see the message that you have to lớn continue on one of your other táo bị cắn dở devices – as long as you have one available tap on Done. If not, tap on Cannot access hãng apple devices and you’ll be asked for a passcode that’s used for another device. If you are using a Mac you will be asked for the Mac’s password. In System Preferences on a Mac, or on your iPhone, you will be asked to enter a new password.


This should work pretty smoothly if you’ve phối up two-factor authentication. During the process you may receive a code on a trusted device or in a text message on your phone. You will need khổng lồ enter this verification code before you can unlock your account & change your password.

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You may also receive an thư điện tử from hãng apple detailing how khổng lồ reset your táo bị cắn ID password. This might be sent if the hacker tries lớn change your password.

How to protect your táo ID from hackers

To avoid being a target for people who try and hack into your táo ID make sure that you don’t respond lớn phishing emails. These are fraudulent emails that pretend to be from Apple & tell you khổng lồ log on to your apple ID.

You can generally spot a phishing e-mail because of bad grammar and poor spelling. You should also check the address that the email is sent from (not just what the address appears khổng lồ be, but by clicking on the arrow beside the address in Mail you can see if the real address is something completely different). To lớn avoid any chance of being caught in a trap like this never log on to lớn your Apple account from an email. Always go to lớn

The other way to lớn avoid being hacked is khổng lồ make sure you have a really strong password. We have an article on choosing a strong password.