Manga/manhwa request: what's wrong with secretary kim?

Handsome, loaded, và arrogant Youngjoon is the VP of a major corporation. Miso has been his perfect secretary, practically legend for surviving her narcissistic quái nhân for 9 long years. But now that she"s quitting, is there really nothing -- or no one -- that can stop her from walking away?

Jihyo is an account Exec at a mid-size ad firm. Her ex-boyfriend Jegook shows up one day as a very important client. She’d rather not work on his project, but there"s no way lớn escape! With influence and power, this CEO has his sights on her. What does this ex client want from her after all this time?!

TagsManhwaRomanceWebtoonsAdult CouplesCEOsFull ColorMature RomanceA Business ProposalCh: 102Kakao Page2018 - 2020

Ha-ri made a deal—go on one blind date for her BFF and pretend khổng lồ be a super-vixen to kết thúc all of her unwanted marriage set-ups! Unfortunately, instead of easy money, Ha-ri’s got a headache. Her date is Taemu, her company’s hot new CEO, & he’s got his own plans lớn get his family khổng lồ back off by marrying whoever shows up on the date. Should Ha-ri accept his proposal lớn keep playing pretend? Nothing could go wrong with lying about your real identity while dating the boss... Right??

TagsComedyDramaManhwaRomanceWebtoonsAdult CouplesBoss-Employee RelationshipCEOsFull ColorMature RomanceWork LifeDubious MoonCh: 39+Naver Series2020 - ?

A cheeky office romance that erupts out of a slip of the tongue.​Shiwon finds herself still reeling from the shock of being dumped by boyfriend number four. Her pride is on the floor from having to giảm giá with the consistently emotionless và nitpicking manager Mr. Moon at the office. During a night out with her co-workers, she drunkenly calls him out. She ends up confessing her feelings & asking him out when all she had planned to vày was apologize. Surprised by Mr. Moon’s acceptance of her invitation to lớn go on a date…a secret office romance is ignited.

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TagsManhwaRomanceWebtoonsAdult CouplesFull ColorMature RomanceKiss Me PleaseCh: 90+Daum Webtoon2019 - ?

A man with a disease where he dies if he doesn"t kiss, và the secret kissing contract made in order to keep him alive.

By day Viola Lim is a secretary, but by night she’s secretly a children’s storybook tác giả under the pen name Violet. Too talented khổng lồ be just an office worker, she created The Child with A Mask to lớn escape her terrible boss, Harrison Kwon. Sure, he’s attractive, intelligent, but he’s also super rude! and now, he wants to lớn find the creator of the book. How long can she keep her identity secret? & why does her boss want to lớn meet her…

TagsComedyDramaRomanceWebtoonsAdult CouplesBoss-Employee RelationshipFull ColorMature RomanceAge MattersCh: 149LINE Webtoon2018 - 2021

A 29 year old hopeless thắm thiết wonders if her time has come & gone, until she meets a 23 year old, billionaire bachelor with a secret. In love, does age really matter?

Alice is so annoying!All she does is cause trouble và make fun of me...but why can"t I stop thinking about her?

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Minori, an office worker và her quái thú Hadano, are constantly arguing with each other. One night, after a company drinking party, Minori and Hatano are having their usual argument, when Minori realizes that she has missed the last train. They decide lớn spend the night at a nearby capsule hotel, but an incident forces them to cốt truyện the same unit.

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TagsJoseiRomanceAdult CouplesBoss-Employee RelationshipMature RomanceShort EpisodesSmutExplicit SexKachou no KoiOVA (1 ep)Panda Factory2010

Office manager Kazuhiko Otakara has spent all 33 years of his life without a girlfriend. An encounter with a new employee named Harada makes Otakara realize that he is gay.

TagsBLComedyRomanceSlice of LifeYaoiAdult CouplesBoss-Employee RelationshipLGBT ThemesMature RomanceParodyRomantic ComedyWork LifeSexual ContentBased on a MangaPapa Datte, ShitaiTV (8 eps)Magic Bus2019

Kouya Asumi is a fourth-year college student who works as a housekeeper for the single father Keiichi Naruse, và a relationship develops between the two.

TagsBLRomanceYaoiAdult CouplesBoss-Employee RelationshipMature RomanceShort EpisodesSingle ParentSmutExplicit SexMy Senpai is AnnoyingTV (3+ eps)Doga Kobo2021 - ?

My name is Futaba Igarashi, and my senpai, Takeda-san, is annoying. He"s big, loud, always in the way, và treats me lượt thích a child because he"s so tall & I"m so short. But he"s also kind, caring, & willing khổng lồ go above and beyond for me. For example, he stopped some pervert from filming up my skirt when we took the train together, gave me a drink when I was pulling a long shift, and even came over khổng lồ my place when I was cooped up with a cold. What gives?! If he keeps acting lượt thích this, people are going to think we"re dating or something...!

TagsComedyRomanceSeinenAdult CouplesCoworkersMature RomanceRomantic ComedySalarymanWork LifeWotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku OVAOVA (2 eps)Lapin Track2021
TagsComedyRomanceAdult CouplesWork LifeSaezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Storm BreaksMovie GRIZZLY

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TagsBLDramaRomanceYaoiAdult CouplesBodyguardsBoss-Employee RelationshipCriminalsGangsMature RomanceYakuzaSekai-ichi Hatsukoi: World"s Greatest First Love 2TV (12 eps)Studio DEEN2011

Because Ritsu Onodera hates to rely on family connections he quits a job as a literature editor at his parents" company, Onodera Publishing, và winds up taking a job at Marukawa Books. To lớn his chagrin, he is assigned khổng lồ the shōjo manga department in spite of having no interest or experience in it. And on đứng đầu of that, he has an awful first impression of his high-handed editor-in-chief, Masamune Takano.

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