How To Enable Cortana After Disabling It?

Cortana is the digital assistant for Windows Phone và now in Windows 10 & when “Hey Cortana” is on, it’s always listening which can make it come on unintentionally.

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Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, first appeared on Windows Phone 8.1 and has migrated to Windows 10. The “Hey Cortana” feature allows you to lớn activate the digital assistant by voice and use it. Here’s how khổng lồ enable this feature or turn it off if you when don’t need it.

I lượt thích to use the “Hey Cortana” feature because it’s always listening, và makes it easy khổng lồ launch programs, settings, create appointments & reminders…etc. However, if I’m using my laptop while listening khổng lồ a podcast, music, or watching Netflix, sometimes Cortana can turn on và start launching things – which can be annoying.

Update: Microsoft has decoupled Cortana from Windows tìm kiếm and a lot of its settings have changed over time. This article has been updated to lớn reflect those changes.

Turn Windows 10 “Hey Cortana” On or Off

Since the updates, you can get Cortana lớn respond by saying either: “Hey, Cortana,” or simply just “Cortana.” khổng lồ get started, make sure you’re signed into the Cortana app.

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To turn Cortana’s responding lớn the keywords off, just go back into Settings and flip off the switches you enabled. & that’s it.

Digital Assistants

All digital assistants seem to have the problem of activating due lớn background noise. From Google Now to Siri và even Alexa on Amazon Echo is guilty. So if you have one of those digital assistants on your phone or other devices, you’ll want khổng lồ toggle the “always listening” feature off on those.

We haven’t even touched the surface of what Cortana can do, but if you are concerned about privacy, we did show you how lớn erase your search nội dung from Cortana’s database. We will have a complete guide on setting up & using it coming soon.

But, if you’re just getting started with Cortana in Windows 10, this should take care of at least one thing that might annoy you at first.

What’s your take on Cortana, & more specifically, the “Hey Cortana” feature? Leave a phản hồi below and let us know.