Welcome everyone to lớn the Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag tips và tricks guide. This guide is going khổng lồ help all you new players get a hang of the game’s mechanics và a learn a few things khổng lồ make you a better player.

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Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag has a very interesting hub world compared lớn other thiết bị di động games. Most are just a screen with a few tabs that you can touch to lớn take you khổng lồ another thực đơn or something along those lines.

But in SAO the hub world is as xuất hiện world as a 2d game can get. You’ll see other players in the world with you & you can walk around the world to lớn each section of the game.

Naturally, there are tabs at the bottom that take you lớn your tiệc ngọt screen, the quest screen, and so on. But if you want you can just find it in the hub world and walk khổng lồ it.

It’s a small touch of detail but it’s nice. Definitely gives the game its own chất lượng kind of feel.

Scouting and Missions


Missions are tasks that you can complete for rewards based on what the task is. There are daily and weekly missions, & also one time missions that give you better rewards.

Most of the missions involve playing through a quest or completing a quest with a specific character. So doing them isn’t too difficult & it’s a quick way lớn get some diamonds.

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Just using a characters skill can brute force your way through a fight but it won’t vị you any good later on if all you’re doing is spamming the skill to get through. Eventually, a stronger enemy is going lớn break that strategy and you’ll be out of luck.

So you want lớn build your team with characters you know và you’re comfortable with. Understand what their skills do & how they work.

Cause on vị trí cao nhất of skills you wanna have your characters stats boosted as well. All characters have a stat tree that increases their base stats with specifically required items.

You can boost their HP, Attack, Defense, and so on. So that’s definitely one thing you want to vì chưng for all of your characters as you progress through the game.

And honestly, if you like Sword Art Online và you plan khổng lồ invest time into the game & money isn’t an issue then don’t cheap out. Nothing wrong with spending some bucks on diamonds, getting some of the better characters, & then building your team into an unstoppable wall of awesome.

So if you like Sword Art Online, looking for a good anime điện thoại game, or just a good beat ’em up. Then SAO: Memory Defrag is definitely something to try out.