M1 Macbook Air Vs Pro

Deciding between the apple macbook Air and the apple macbook pro used khổng lồ be simple: get the Air if you need something basic; get the Pro if you need lots of power for clip editing or 3d rendering. However, now that Apple’s powerful M1 cpu has made the macbook Air a legitimate beast — và with a total of three apple macbook phiên bản pro models to lớn choose from — finding the right Apple laptop for you isn’t quite as easy these days.

Fortunately, we’re here khổng lồ help. We’re breaking down Apple’s entire current lineup of MacBooks & who they’re for, from the svelte but speedy Air khổng lồ the absolute quái dị that is the new 16-inch laptop macbook Pro.

At a glance

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You should get the macbook Air if…


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You want the most powerful macbook out there — và are willing khổng lồ pay for it

The M1-powered macbook Air and Pro already offer some of the best performance we’ve ever seen from a laptop, but the new 14-inch và 16-inch apple macbook Pros look lượt thích they could blow even those out of the water. That’s because they pack your choice of Apple’s new M1 Pro or M1 Max chip, which are designed for the most hardcore of power users và true creative professionals.

táo says that M1 Pro can deliver up khổng lồ 70% faster processing performance than M1, và up to lớn twice the graphics performance. The M1 Max cpu goes even further with twice the GPU cores, meaning it can pump out twice the graphics performance of M1 Pro và as much as four times that of the base M1. The 16-inch model in particular is also rated for the highest battery life of any Mac at up to 21 hours. We’ll have to chạy thử the new machines lớn see how that all nets out in real-world use, but these numbers suggest that the higher-end laptop macbook Pros are Apple’s best when it comes to demanding clip rendering & 3D graphics.

Of course, all of this performance comes at a price. The 14-inch laptop macbook Pro và 16-inch táo macbook pro start at $1,999 & $2,499, respectively, both with an M1 Pro chip. If you want to upgrade khổng lồ M1 Max on the 14-inch or 16-inch, you’ll have to lớn pay at least an extra $200 to địa chỉ cửa hàng it to lớn either system.

You want lots of ports

If you want to be able lớn connect lớn lots of accessories & monitors out of the box, the 14-inch and 16-inch apple macbook Pros are the way to lớn go. These laptops each offer three USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports for connecting to lớn external 4K monitors & speedy storage drives, an HDMI port for even more external display options, an SDXC card slot for quickly transferring media files from your camera và a MagSafe charging port. You also get a headphone jack that supports high impedance headphones for music producers and audiophiles.

By comparison, the laptop apple macbook Air & 13-inch apple macbook pro offer only a measly two Thunderbolt 4 ports each, one of which will be taken up while your máy vi tính is charging. So if you’d rather avoid using a USB-C dongle, the higher-end macbook Pros are for you.

You want the best display on a Mac

The new apple macbook Pros aren’t just more powerful than before; they also have the biggest, sharpest & most fluid displays of any Mac. We’ll have our final verdict on these screens once we’ve tested them, but on paper, they’re looking lượt thích the best option for folks who need lots of real estate và as much color and detail as possible.

The new MacBooks have displays that are 14.2 inches at a 3024 x 1964 resolution & 16.2 inches at 3456 x 2234, which puts them close to lớn 4K và makes them notably bigger và sharper than the 13.3-inch, 2560 x 1600 panel you’ll find on the latest 13-inch Pro. The latest laptop macbook Pros use the same Liquid Retina XDR technology as the latest ipad tablet Pros, which really wowed us with their strong brightness, contrast và detail.

They’re also the first apple macbook screens to lớn feature a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, which effectively means that doing things like scrolling through webpages và watching high-frame-rate video will look twice as smooth compared khổng lồ other MacBooks. We’ve noticed a big difference when using 120Hz displays on laptops và tablets phones (including the máy tính bảng ipad Pro và iPhone 13 Pro), so we’re eager to see how they hold up on the new apple macbook Pros.

You want the best webcam on a Mac

The 14-inch and 16-inch apple macbook Pros also bump the webcam resolution up lớn 1080p compared to lớn 720p on the other two models, which should allow for even clearer video calls. We’ll have to test this ourselves, but if our time with the 1080p camera on the 24-inch iMac is any indication, the new Pros will likely offer a noticeable nâng cấp when it comes khổng lồ capturing fine details and true-to-life skin tones. Unfortunately, there’s still no Face ID for hands-free logins, & no Center Stage support for having the camera automatically keep you in frame while you move — those are both still exclusive lớn iPad. Still, when you couple the better camera with the six-speaker thiết đặt on the higher-end Pros, you could be looking at the best MacBooks for đoạn phim calls and content creation.

Key specs

Starting price: $1,999 (14-inch); $2,499 (16-inch) Display: 14.2 inches at 3024 x 1964 (14-inch); 16.2 inches at 3456 x 2234 (16-inch) Processor: táo khuyết M1 Pro or táo bị cắn dở M1 Max Memory: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB (M1 Max only) Storage: 512GB / 1TB / 2TB / 4TB / 8TB Ports: 3 Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports, HDMI, SDXC slot, MagSafe charging port, tai nghe jack with high impedance support Weight: 3.5 pounds (14-inch); 4.7 pounds (16-inch)