Historic diamond Head State Monument sits majestic at the south over of Waikiki Beach. Gleaming resort hotels crowd the Waikiki coast and skyline. This is where the action is. Okay show me…


Punalu’u is a sparsely populated community situated on Oahu’s pastoral northeast shoreline. Pacific waves incessantly pound the peaceful sand in remote but accessible Punalu’u. Show me more…

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Oahu is most noteworthy among the Hawaiian Islands because it is trang chủ to fashionable Honolulu City và the Waikiki Beach resort area. Also, Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu is the principal destination for inbound arrivals.

Oahu Attractions

Guests choose Oahu because of the many beach activities và are pleasantly surprised to lớn find interesting cultural và historical touring opportunities.

Pearl Harbor và Diamond Head are especially relevant historical attractions while Hawaiian cultural tours introduce you to lớn authentic local crafts, music, dancing, & cuisine.

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Oahu’s great weather makes outdoor recreation the favorite activity of locals and tourists in America’s 50th state. Marathon and triathlon events are always well attended và you’ll see surfers bobbing in coastal waters watching swells for the perfect wave.

Oahu golf courses are plentiful và range from fun local tracks lớn pristine resort venues with first class amenities. Racquet sports, cycling, sport-fishing, snorkeling, & SCUBA are all easily available on Oahu.


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