How To Airdrop From Mac To Iphone

AirDrop lets users wirelessly send files between hãng apple devices. Because it uses bluetooth không dây technology, it relies on devices being in close physical proximity to each other. It"s a handy way khổng lồ quickly nội dung files, photos, etc. Without the need khổng lồ draft an e-mail or message. Plus, AirDrop files are encrypted, so it"s also secure.

Make sure you follow these steps beforehand so that you"re good to lớn go:

Turn on Bluetooth & WiFi. You vày not need to lớn be connected lớn a WiFi network but the WiFi setting does need to be on. Also, turn off your hotspot if it"s on. AirDrop won"t work otherwise.

Make sure that the devices are within range of each other — no more than about 30 feet apart.

Check the AirDrop sharing settings of the device that is receiving the file. The settings are "Receiving Off," "Contacts Only," or "Everyone." If you choose khổng lồ only receive files from contacts, make sure that the owner of the device sending the file is saved as a contact. You can adjust these settings in your Control Center or by going lớn "Settings" > "General" > "AirDrop."

How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac

Open the tệp tin that you want to lớn AirDrop, then tap the chia sẻ icon, which is the square with the upwards-facing arrow.

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Open sharing settings by tapping on this iconCredit: Apple

That will show you all of the ways you can cốt truyện a file. Tap the AirDrop icon, which is the concentric circles with a triangle cut out at the bottom.


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AirDrop is the icon with the xanh concentric circlesCredit: apple

From there, select the user/device that you"d like to send it to. Tapping the user/device automatically starts the AirDrop process. If no devices are showing up, double-check that all of your settings are correct.


Tap the device where you want to lớn send the file.Credit: apple

To accept an AirDrop on your Mac, a preview window will pop up on your device asking you lớn accept or decline the transfer. If you accept the AirDrop, it will show up in the same app it was sent from (a photo sent via AirDrop will show up in your photos app.)