Go To Settings To Activate Windows 10 Là Gì, Tại Sao Máy Tính Xuất Hiện Dòng Chữ Này

Activate windows watermark keeps coming back after apply various solutions? Here we have chất lượng methods, to lớn remove windows 10 activation watermark permanently from your desktop

Are you getting “Activate Windows- Go lớn settings khổng lồ activate windows” watermark on your desktop? Or Looking for the way to remove activate windows watermark permanently from your desktop? This is because your windows license has expired. If you have a product key then you can activate it directly, khổng lồ remove activate Windows watermark. But if you don’t have one, here how khổng lồ remove activate windows 10 watermark without a product key.Bạn vẫn xem: How to lớn remove activate windows 10 watermark permanently

How khổng lồ remove activate windows watermark?

Applied different solutions but still, activate windows watermark keeps coming back? Don’t worry here in this post we have the working ways lớn remove windows 10 watermark Permanently.

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Remove active windows watermark with help of cmd

With a simple notepad trick, you can easily remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark from your desktop. Let’s see how to bởi it.

First, open notepad on your PC You can vì chưng this by click on the start menu tìm kiếm type notepad and hit the enter key. Now on notepad type, the below commands :

echo off taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe explorer.exe exit


Go to lớn File và click “Save as”. Here select the location where you want lớn save the file. Then Change the save as type to lớn All Files (*.*) and Give the tệp tin name as “ remove.bat”


Now mở cửa the file location where you saved it. You will see a tệp tin as shown below image. Right-click on the remove.bat file and click on “Run as administrator”


A command prompt will be opened và closed itself, Now restart your laptop or desktop. That’s all there is no more “activate windows go lớn settings to lớn activate windows” on your Desktop.

Registry Tweak to lớn remove Activate windows watermark

Here another tweak to remove activate windows 10 watermark using the windows registry editor.

Open Windows registry editor by Press Windows + R, type regedit and hit the enter key.Then expand HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktopDouble click on the value “PaintDesktopVersion” in the right-hand window.And Change the value “1” lớn a “0” and click OK khổng lồ save changes.Close registry editor và any other programs and restart your computer.

In addition, refer khổng lồ this đoạn phim for one more registry tweak that help remove activate windows watermark on windows 10.

Windows watermark remover tool

Still activate windows watermark keeps coming back? You can use a third party windows watermark remover tool, “Universal Watermark Disabler” which helps remove all kinds of watermarks in Windows 10. 

Running this tool didn’t delete any branding strings (for example does not modify system files) only remove watermarks including kiểm tra Mode, Build string in the evaluation và pre-release builds,

locate & unzip the tệp tin in the tải về foldersave và close all applications running on your computerFinally, double click on uwd.exe to run the tool, Click yes if UAC prompt for permission,Click on install, The application will run and automatically restart your computer.

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On the next start when you log in back to your machine you will notice the remove windows activation message disappeared.

Disable Activate Windows Watermark by using Ease of Access

Yes, also you can also remove the windows 10 activation watermark from the ease of access options.

Press Windows key + S type control panel và select the first result,Go khổng lồ Ease of Access Centre (to get this option make sure khổng lồ Change control panel view by large icons)Click on Make the computer easier khổng lồ see, scroll down lớn the bottom and check the mark on Remove background images (where available)Click ok and restart your PC and check the status of remove the windows 10 activation watermark.

that’s all, did the above solutions help remove activate windows watermark on windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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